We Can Help

We understand that it can be difficult to ask for help. At the Sorrento Food Bank we work to create a positive, safe and welcoming environment to make it easier to access food should you require assistance.


Why would someone need to use a food bank?

There are a startlingly high number of reasons that somebody would need to use a food bank to feed themselves and their family, including:

  • Wage freezes and low incomes in general, making it hard to cope with the rising cost of living
  • Work hours being cut
  • Unexpected costs – such as an unexpected car repair bill
  • Losing their job
  • Losing benefits, or benefits being paid late
  • Being unable to work due to sickness, disability or mental illness
  • Divorce
  • Debt problems

We’re Here To Help

Q: Can anyone just drop by and get food?

A: Yes and no. Anyone in need can drop by the food bank to pick up an emergency hamper, the size and contents of which will depend on what we have available, your situation and the number of people in your family.

To qualify for a regular monthly hamper (7 – 10 days worth of food) you must be financially eligible. All new clients go through a confidential interview process with our manager. You will be asked to voluntarily share information about your situation including family composition, income, expenses, housing status, etc. During this interview you will also be asked to provide identification.   Your personal information is confidential and is never shared with any other organizations.

Q: What types of food does the food bank offer?

A: The Sorrento Food Bank prides itself in distributing a variety of quality, nutritious foods to individuals and families. Regular hamper items include many canned goods (vegetables, fruit, soup, tuna, etc.) as well as pasta, grains, beverages, cereal, fresh bread, vegetables, dairy and meat products. We also provide hygiene products (when available) as well as baby food.

Q: What about food allergies?

A: We do have families with food allergies and we have a special shelf where these items are stored and used whenever requested.

Christmas Hampers

In addition to our emergency and monthly hampers the Sorrento Food Bank has a Christmas hamper program. We deliver a full Christmas hamper to individuals and families who may not normally qualify for a hamper, but who have gone through or are going through tough times and could use the help these hampers provide.

“The more we understand, the less we fear the unknown.”

We’re here to help. Let us help you.

Call, email or stop by the food bank. We will be happy to assist you.